Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cara Box Extravaganza

A new year, a new start, a new chance to branch out and do something different. This month I decided to go out of my comfort zone and participate in a Cara Box exchange (you can read more about it here). It's basically a package-pen pal group where you meet other women, get to know them,and find ways to encourage them throughout the month. I had a great experience with both my giver and my givee, and can't wait to do it again next month.

My givee was Stephanie from The Enchanting Rose.. We share a love of God, a love of crafting, and a love of all things vintage :) she is strong in her faith, she is true to her family, and she has a giving spirit. To see the box I sent her, head to her blog .
January's theme was RESOLUTIONS. I think this was the perfect way to start the year, with someone encouraging you to start this new year fresh and stay motivated.
Lourdes from Live Laugh Love and Run was my giver. She and I share a passion for scriptures, running, and we both work with children. She sent me an AMAZING box which I can't wait to share!

First up.... A beautiful, hand painted recipe box. You all know that cooking is one of my favorite things, and this little box will fill up quick. She also included recipe cards with matching notes/envelopes so I can send my favorites to my friend and family who live far away. I was shocked at how perfect this was considering I literally JUST sent recipes to my sis last week. I will definitely be using all of them.

Next was a journal and sticky note flags to help me as I study the Old testament with Grant this year. This will be great as I make notes and mark my favorite scriptures. I already made use of this gift! LOVE the colors of this :)

For my love of all things crafty, Lourdes found a small cross stitch kit.

I just pinned this beauty on pinterest, so I think I will combine the patterns to make my own unique creation. Love. It.

Who needed a magnet for the fridge? I did. Who needs motivation to run? I do. This was perfect!

One of my goals this year is to reach out to my family more. I have family all over the country, and even some out of the country, so these little note cards will make several people happy. AND they are yellow! My fav :)

Last, but not least, was the amazing cinnamon from Penzey's Spices. She didn't know this but I used to live close to one when I lived in St. Louis, but I never went and I always regretted it. Now I have this to use in some of my Indian dishes I have been waiting to try...yum!

Thank you, Lourdes for your hard was the small, thoughtful details that warmed my heart. Can't wait to keep following your blog to see where life takes you. You are such a strong, beautiful woman!
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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Adventure Log 2012...

Our story this year has been a a good mix of literary genres...some adventure, some self help...a bit of DIY and a LOT of cookbooks! Mix that with some travel and romance...and you have our 2012 fairy tale :)
Here are a few highlights:

- we moved into our "first" place (well first place that was truly our own)...a sweet little condo in Altamonte. It was love at first sight when I saw the light coming through the 7 windows in the front room and the fireplace.

- We traveled a LOT! Texas, Missouri, Utah and BRAZIL!

- We celebrated our birthday by cheating the system and finding as many "free-on-your-birthday" delas as possible. Breakfast in Bed, Free burrito at Moe's for lunch, free Firehous sub for dinner, and a free movie in the park....gotta love being birthday buddies!

- We kept our weekly date night tradtion for the whole year. Best time of the week.

- We said goodbye to three brothers as they went off to serve the Lord for two years on missions for our church. Elder Herzog the Elder (spanish speaking in Baltimore), Elder Herzog the Younger (Germany) and Elder Wills (San Bernadino).

- In our new ward, we were called right back where we were previously serving- seminary and YW :) Guess we still have a lot to learn!

- Grant become the #1 rice cooker in the house and I will never cook rice again. Sweet!

-Trader Joes came to Gainesville...It's still 2 hours away but it made my world oh so much happier!

- We have rediscovered our love of working out together. Whether we are running, walking, at the gym, racing, biking, or doing the Just Dance's always better when we're together.

- We have also discovered eachother's nerdiness a little more fully this year. good thing we both love nerds! Grant loves mkaing 3D models on his computer and composing crazy songs, I love reading, crafting, Gilmore Girls and making grocery lists.

Our story may not be a best seller, but its non-fiction and and full of love. After 15 years of friendship, 4 years together and 3 years of marriage, He is still my favorite.