Sunday, March 3, 2013

February Cara Box

It's that time again... Another wonderful Cara Box exchange with wonderful women! If you are new to the whole Cara Box thing check it out here.

This month's theme was "date night in a box", which is right up my alley. We had to get to know the women we were matched up with and put together a package that would give them a night of fun and relaxation, whether that be a night with their significant other, their girlfriends, or themselves.

My givee this time was Meri Kate from The Ramblings of a Florida Belle. She is a sweet, fun loving young woman with big dreams... I can't wait to follow her blog ad see where her adventures take her.

My giver this month was Andrea from The United States of Andra.From emails back and forth and from reading her blog, she is a person who understands how to set and accomplish goals. She has a cool husband, an adorable little son, and she just ran the Disney Princess half marathon!
Somehow she found the time in her crazy schedule to send me this wonderful package...

As I stated before, this box had a date night theme. Andrea was so thoughtful and gave me several options for me and the hubster.

The fist bag I opened was "Movie Night"

Andrea included some of her favorite movie snacks (I love me some sour patches) and her favorite movies. Also some popcorn and super cute popcorn bags. Can't wait to have this date night!

The next bag was a "Spa Night"...

It included everything needed for a relaxing night at home. Which is much needed after working a 9 hour day with kiddos.

The last bag was an "alternate" treat... On my blog, Andrea discovered my LOVE of cereal (see my post here) and sent these really cute bowls and some single serving cereals. Admittedly, Grant had not had a single one as I have hoarded them all to myself :)

Did I forget to mention the delicious Lindor truffles she included? Oh yeah, that's because I opened them immediately and started snacking:

Thank you so much, Andrea! I hope you were spoiled too! Can't wait to see why next month holds in store.

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  1. Im glad you liked it! I hope you have a great month!