Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Countdown: Day 13 and 14

Happy Valentines Day from Gramanda!

I'm sad to say that our countdown has ended, but happy to report that we had a fantastic time! It's hard to imagine loving Grant any more than I already do after being best friends for 15 years, but I've somehow managed to squeeze a little more love in this heart of mine.
Here is a recap of our last two days:
Day 13: for my math nerd hubby, a chocolate calculator from Target was the perfect gift.

It's an actual calculator with a foil wrapper and chocolate scent. I found the great printable from Pinterest here. I snuck it in his lunch box before he hit the road.

Now he can think of me whenever he uses it at work :)

Day 14: The End! We both had a few surprises up our sleeve... Mine was decorating the chalkboards in the seminary room the night before...

He was Mr. Sneaky McSneakerson as well. Here was a note in my message box at work from a phone message he had left for me.

When I got home, he had flowers stuck in the wreath on the door and dinner/fondue ingredients ready for a fun night in. After dinner we watched the Paperman Disney short (perfect v-day movie for my paper airplane loving hubs).

I finally got to use my vintage yellow fondue pot!

Way too much for just the two of us, but amazingly yummy.

Even Chester joined the party for a little bit.

I'm so happy we started this new tradition... Hope you enjoyed it too!
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