Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Countdown: Days 1-4

What is February like in female-land? It's a fairy tale! We women spend lots of time  and energy pinteresting crafty diy's, sweet treats, and gift ideas. We dream of sweet notes, grand dinners accompanied with dancing, jewelry, romance, and butterfly-filled stomachs.

Get real, right?

Valentine's Day has always been that holiday where I think a lot about myself. I will admit that while I DO spend a lot of time making something creative for my sweetheart, I am ALSO thinking of all the gifts/surprises that I would like and scretly hoping that Grant can read my mind and that I wont be the only one at work that does not receive flowers on her desk.

This year that all changed.

I present to you... Gramanda's Valentine's Day countdown. Beginning Feb. 1st, the hubs and I alternated days to serve and surprise each other. Nothing expensive. Nothing big. Just little acts of kindness to show our appreciation and take some of the pressure off.

Best. Tradition. Ever.
Here is our 2013 Countdown... hope it inspires you to serve the one you love :)

Day 1: So Glad I'm "Tied" To You Surprise

I left this note and made Grant follow the yarn to find a letter explaining our date that
night..Thai Food!

Chester loved this day.

Day 2: My favorite pizza delivered to the door :)

Day 3: I'm "nuts" about my hubby... I made lots of PB treats for my favorite peanut butter loving boy.

Day 4: A Heart Attack.

I turned on the lights in the bedroom...much to my surprise the fan truned on and I got a shower of paper hearts. I was reminded of my hubby's love all week as the hearts ended up EVERYWHERE! :)

Stay tuned for more...


  1. I LOVE this idea.. Definitely a to do for next year. Or maybe I will do a countdown to our anniversary in May!

  2. An anniversary countdown is a great idea!