Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Brazil vs. America

There are so may things that are different in Brazil, and also many things that are the same. Here is what I have noticed so far.

--The size of things. Houses, cars, stores....everything seems smaller here! You cant find a gallon of milk, just a quart. No super stores, just small shops like pharmacies, paper stores, tool shops, clothing sops, produce markets, and book stores.

-- Electric showers. While it may sem counter intuitive to have electricity and water together ( and Grant said it can be dangerous, he got shocked in the shower one time) it heats the water very efficiently without having to keep a water heater going all the time. I will admit my fist shower here I didn't really know how to work it and let's just say...I know FIRSTHAND that it heats very well.

--Advertising. Need to make an announcement to the neighborhood? Just put a loudspeaker in your car and drive around. We have heard all kinds of ads, from propane tanks for sale to party invitations. Strangely enough, it always sounds like the same guy who is doing the announcements. Weird.

-- The pace of life. This is my favorite difference. I love how meals are more appreciated, family time is emphasized, and how time spent with friends sitting out on the porch is the norm.

Things that are the Same:

--Food. While everything tastes a little bit different, you can basically find anything you might want here. Ketchup, cereal, chips, meats, milk, yogurt, etc. The flavors are a little different though. I have noticed a lot of meat flavored snacks, like bacon Cheerios and ham potato chips. There are not very many American brands in the grocery store but there is one exception...Great Value brand. And even more's one of the more expensive brands because it is imported!

--Music. I thought I would be hearing tons of Brazilian music while I was here, but I have heard so much more American music! Since we got here, we have heard Coldplay, Maroon 5, Matchbox 20, Taylor Swift, smash mouth U2, The Rolling Stones, Menudo, and plenty of other 80's hits. I even saw a guy with a Dream Theater shirt. Pretty much the only Brazilian music I have heard is commercials and Christmas music.

-- The Gospel. I love how no matter where you go, you can always find an LDS church. They will always be in the same lesson manual, they will sing the same songs, and they will have the same sacrament. This week, the kids put on the Primary Program. It was JUST like in America! Kids forgetting their lines, microphone issues, and loud singing. It was really sweet.

So happy to be here!

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