Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's not all fun and games...

You know you married the right person when you can get through crazy days and not want to kill each other... We have had some funny hiccups in our trip that have reminded us that patience is a virtue. Here are some things that we have learned:

- Bank of America does not have an agreement with the banks in Brazil. Even though I double checked over the phone with a customer service person and found out all the details, we had some MAJOR problems with our cards while we were there. Only certain ATMs would accept our card, and even then we would just have to hope and pray that it would dispense the money :) we finally got it all worked out, but it was a frustrating 2 days. It's so weird to feel so poor even though you have money in the bank!

-getting directions from someone in a different language is hard.

-sleeping on a plane is impossible and makes one grumpy.

-missing a bus is one of the most frustrating things!

-traveling makes my stomach go crazy. Between the long plane ride, the walking, and the different foods here I got really sick! Glad that only lasted one day!

- my feet blister easily. Boo.

I read a card once that said "I would rather be nowhere with you than anywhere with someone else".

Through all of our ups and downs this trip, I realized over and over how much I love Grant and wouldn't want to have experienced this with anyone else.

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