Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Social Drinking- The Mormon Way!

In Brazil ( and other parts of South America) drinking chimarrao is a big part of the culture. It's basically an herbal tea that looks like ground up grass. You drink it in a special wooden cup with a metal straw that has a filter on the end to strain the pieces of the tea. When everyone is sitting around talking after dinner or at the breakfast table, it gets passed around the circle. When it comes to you, you drink it until its empty and you hear it "slurp", and then you add more hot water and pass it to the next person. (not the most sanitary thing, but whatever). Luciano and Geneci LOVE this stuff. They drink it all the time. Luciano even takes it to church with him! Grant really likes it too, he said he would drink it a lot on his mission. I don't mind it, but its not my favorite, I prefer cevada (the coffee substitute with milk and sugar). Maybe my hubby will be bringing some home!

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