Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dia do Templo

What could be cooler than attending the temple with people that your husband helped convert on his mission? Not much :)

We had a wonderful time with Luciano and Geneci at the Porto Alegre temple last Thursday. Giuliana even came along for the ride. It was a gorgeous day, and the temple was SUPER busy. The temple here is a mini one, with the same floor plan as the San Antonio Temple. I have been trying to notice artwork in temples more, so the first thing I noticed as I walked in was a beautiful painting of waterfalls. In the first part of the endowment room, there was a gorgeous mural of a Brazilian jungle landscape, with some macaws and even a few monkeys :) it was awesome!

I used headphones during the session, but had it turned off most of the time so that I could hear it in Portuguese. What a great experience! It all seemed foreign and yet so the same. A few times I even forgot I was halfway across the world. I love that about the gospel. The saints are so strong here. Every time i encounter church members here, I feel humbled and honored to meet such faithful people.

Funny note: you know how there are always problems with headsets at the Orlando temple? Well I got to experience that firsthand! The head set I was wearing kept going out, and sounded really crackly. Sometimes, during parts where you have to say things during the session, the English translation would end before the Portuguese. So if I wasn't listening carefully I would talk at the wrong parts! Haha, I guess it will just help me be more understanding when things like that happen at home.

What a beautiful and memorable day at the house of the Lord with people we love so much.

More pictures to come! They are on our camera...

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