Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Os Animais da familia Pierucci

Ok, so this family has some awesome animals....3 dogs, 5 cats and a bird to be exact. Here are our favorite things about them...

- their names. Who wouldn't love a cat named "Brigham-meow" ( can you tell who Luciano's favorite prophet is?). Or Tigrao "big tiger" and Urso "bear". Another dog gets called "Jar Jar Binks" quite often. So hilarious.

- the cats play futebol...just throw a ping pong ball on the ground and they go crazy. They also do circus tricks:

- the bird, KiKo, loves Geneci, going up to her when she comes to the cage. What does Kiko do when Luciano comes up to the cage? Attack. Luciano told us That his animals were " todos doidos!", all crazy.

- Tigrao is the king of the kitties. He is also the patriarch of the animals. Luciano showed us a series of fotos showing Tigrao's conversion to the gospel :) He also loves to rest his head on anything and everything. A person, the table, or the steps.

- Jar Jar Binks is constantly shaking and begging. She looks totally pathetic and no one can help but sneak her food constantly.

On a random side note, Dogs are like squirrels here in brazil. They are everywhere! They go around in packs, ome are nice, some are not. They are very smart, though. While shopping in town today, grant and I watched a stray dog stop at the road, look both ways, and wait for a car to pass before leisurely crossing the road. Funny

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