Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cooking in Brazil

On Thursday (15th) we took a taxi to the metro station and headed back to Esteio to spend some more time with The Pierrucis.
Side note: the metro here is SUPER cheap (80 cents a ride).
To help repay them for all of their hospitality, we decided to take charge of the lunch meal and make them a Texas breakfast in honor of my family. We make breakfast burritos, with eggs cheese and sausage. Grant made his famous garlic fried potatoes and I made homemade tortillas and fresh fruit salad. The most expensive thing we bought? Great Value brand salsa. It was almost 5 American dollars! But worth it since they don't really eat salsa here.

Cooking on their small stove was a little bit of a challenge, but it turned out great. The meal was a hit! Geneci asked for my tortilla recipe so I think that's a good sign. It felt good to be able to take some of the burden off of their family and share some of our traditions.
Sorry I don't have more pictures of the meal... Some of our pictures are on our regular camera instead of our phone and we can't post them yet...
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