Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gramanda Gremistas

What's a Gremista, you ask?

A Gremista is a tried and true fan of Gremio, the futebol team based here in Porto Alegre. You all know that futebol is no joke here- it's more like a religion that a sports team :) they take it very seriously:

here we are in our jerseys

There is a crazy rivalry between Gremio and Internacional, another futebol team based in Porto Alegre. Their fans are called Colorados, sporting their team color, red.

Luciano, a gremista himself, explained that the rivalry is so fierce that some gremistas won't have red Christmas decorations, as to not defile their home with the Colorado spirit!

With the choice of blue or red before us, I was reminded I another similar rivalry, and it was a clear choice:

Go Cougars! And go Gremio!
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