Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I realized that i never posted anything about our hotel in Novo Hamburgo. It is in a great part of town, and there is a grocery store right across the street. Our room is on the 15th floor and we have a great view of the city. There is free wifi, as well as a free breakfast buffet each morning.
The Swan Tower Hotel

looking up in the main foyer

the view from the glass elevator

our room

view from the hall window

Ok, so you all know what a total foodie I am, so you know I have to describe what a Brazilian breakfast buffet is like.
- there is ALWAYS rice. Usually there was a tomato/hotdog sauce that you could put on it.
-cereal here is NOT the same. I have yet to taste one that is like ours at home. But it's not bad. My favorite were the honey cornflakes. They tasted like real honey and turned your milk into a delicious cinnamony sweet treat. My least favorite has been the rice flakes. They literally taste like dried rice with milk. Not horrible but not what I would want for breakfast
-lots of savory items, like breads, meats, cheeses, pastels, and sometimes mini pizzas.
-A whole row of jams, which are thicker and sweeter than what we have in the USA, sort of like the consistency of honey.
- funny English translations.
My favorites have been "sweat pumpkin jam" and "salted homemade" (whatever that is supposed to be)

While there have been days where we have stayed at friends houses, it has been nice to know that we have a "home base". It's kinda like our "mini America" with all if the amenities we are used to at home. With so many new experiences it has been a great comfort to me!

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