Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Going to church here has been a really cool experience. It seems cliche to say this, but it is amazing how you can be so far from home but still be taught the same things, in the same manner, by the same spirit. I felt right at home and was humbled by the strength if the members that I met.

Luciano's family attends the Esteio ward. They have a small chapel in the middle of town, about a 20 minute walk from their house. The meetings there are reversed, with primary/RS/Priesthood/youth first and sacrament meeting last. There is no a/c in the building, the floors are tiled throughout, and there is only one main hallway with small classrooms on the sides. Some classes meet outside in nice weather.

Here is the main hallway:

And a classroom:

The chapel is small, with a tiny stage in the back of the room. The movable wooden pews can be turned around if there is some kind of talent show or other activity.

There is no piano! The first week, there was an Elder that accompanied the hymns with a violin and played prelude/ postlude with a recorder. But the next week he was transferred, so they just sang accapella. We moved down a few keys by the time the song was over, but everyone sings loud and with enthusiasm so it didn't matter:)

One thing that surprised me was that their youth program is bigger than ours in the winter park ward. Go figure!

The first Sunday we were here was the Primary Program. That. Was. So. Awesome. Just think of all the things you love about Primary Programs:
-cute kids
-patents taking pictures during the meeting
-extremely loud singing
-microphone issues
-children waving to their parents
-audience laughter
-a sweet spirit

Now think about all those things and add the fact that these little kids are speaking a language better than you. Very cute and humbling. My favorite part was when they sang the song "Se Fiel" or "Stand for the Right" I think everyone of those kids screamed "Se fiel! Se Fiel!" As loud as possible.

I was humbled to see the strength of the members here. The gospel really is true! I am so grateful I had this experience and it made me really want to serve a mission someday!

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