Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Churrasco, Brazilian barbecue, is a big thing here, especially in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. We had the privilege of having it two times while here in Brazil, each time homemade by friends.
Best. Food. Ever.
Marcos made it for us the first time while we were in Canela. He made calebresa, chicken, and beef ribs. He put all the meat in this huge wooden bowl:

We ate it with homemade potato salad, lettuce, picked veggies, fresh pineapple, and of course chimarrao. We all sat outside in the family's barn. I was super sick that day, so I didn't get as many pics as I had hoped, but it was a great experience.
Our other experience was with Luciano. He made a churrasco pit on his front porch with bricks. I took a lot more pictures this time so you could see what a true churrasco experience is like.
First, you light the coals and let them sit for a while while you skewer the meat onto big swords.
Grant being awesome

the swords

putting on the coraçao de frango (chicken hearts), and the cats watching intensely

Next, you put the meat in the fire. Once one side starts to brown, you flip it and rub coarse salt all over it.

thankfully Luciano was in charge of this part

Little Jar Jar waiting so patiently

Then you enjoy!

The meat is especially good with farofa, a mix of flour, oil, herbs, salt, and other goodness. We also had potato salad, rice, and roasted onions with salt and vinegar. Oh, and chimarrao :)
Muito bom!

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